The New Future is Online Doctor Consultation

Are you looking to consult a doctor but aren’t getting enough time to visit him physically? That is a common issue in this world where the weekends are the only days when you take time for yourself. But most of the doctors take the day off on Sundays. So what is the alternative? Have you considered online doctor consultation?

If you haven’t considered that till now, this article might be just what you need to change your mind. Health isn’t something you can compromise for long, as delaying can only aggravate the risk of the issue getting serious. And e-consultation isn’t something you would regret, especially when you get an appointment to consult reputable doctors at Bajaj Finserv Health. Telemedicine can just be the solution you need.

Whether you are worried about not having a qualified specialist near you or are not getting leave to go for a consultation, telemedicine can be the solution. Brand Equity’s 2019 report forecasted that the telemedicine sector will value up to $32 million just by the end of 2020. 

Factors Contributing to the Rise in Online Doctor Consultation

  • Increased Acceptability

Just a few years back, online doctor consultation was considered a thing for the tech-savvy and the Millenials. It seemed like an ineffective modern idea to many. 

But the wider access of the internet and highly qualified doctors available for online consultation, telemedicine has seen a meteoric rise. Service providers like Bajaj Finserv Health are constantly working to make the online consultation process more inclusive and user friendly.

That has led to an increase in patients considering online chat with doctors even at the age range of 50 to 60. Couples and women who want to make the consultation a private affair also prefer online medical consultation.

  • Better Accessibility

Doctors are already quite few in number considering the population of India. Then you’ll find even fewer specialists in the country. As a result, people in remote villages and smaller towns have to visit big cities like Delhi and Kolkata for treatment.

E consultation comes as a viable alternative for these people. Now you can consult a specialist living hundreds of kilometers away from you in minutes. There’s a wide gap between the rural areas and cities and telemedicine plugs the gap. It facilitates for someone living in a remote village to have an online chat with a doctor that specializes in the respective field.

  • Affordability

E Consultations are more economic and affordable as compared to in-clinic and hospital visits. Apart from the consultation fee, online dr consultation also saves you the transportation fee.

The fee is lower because of minimal investment in infrastructure. The specialist can provide patients with an online dr consultation even from the comforts of his home. As a result, he can attend more patients in less time.

  • Safety of Stakeholders

Online dr consultation is much safer for doctors, nurses, and people working in the hospital. Despite employing the best of measures, the doctors and medical staff run the risk of contracting viral infections from patients.

That risk is minimized and perhaps eliminated in online medical consultation where the doctor is away from you. Attending the non-emergency patients online is thus profiting the patients as well as the doctors.

Online doctor consultation might still be a novel concept for many. But looking at the host of benefits it comes with, it won’t be a surprise if it rises by multiple folds in the next decade or so. Companies like Bajaj Finserv Health are holding the baton and bringing a change in the medical sector with excellent use of technology.

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