How Often You Should Micro-needle Your Skin

Around the world of social media, many beauty experts have set their throne. They have many rituals to the beauty skincare routine but, the one popularizing among most of them is micro-needling.

Micro-needling is the process in which hundreds of tiny needles prick your skin by rolling over it to produce collagen. This treatment is done to make your skin looks young, smooth, and glow.

You may be wondering, how can people prick their skin by themselves? Or how often do they repeat the process? Well, there is nothing to be worried about.

It is the safest skincare technique that had been practicing over decades, although it became popular recently among beauty gurus and peoples.  

In this article, we will be discussing a lot of things about micro-needling like What are the benefits of micro-needling, how often one should micro-needle their skin, and more. 

What is Micro-needling Facial?

Micro-needling Facial is the cosmetic procedure, where high-quality tiny microneedling pens are used for the continuous puncturing of small holes in the skin. This process helps in the production of the protein collagen. Collagen is a protein used to keep the skin healthy and smooth.

The process of micro-needling can be done from the skincare clinic or by your self as well. If you want to try at home, you can buy a derma roller―A tool for micro-needling with the rolling head and tiny needles.

How Often Should We Micro-needle Our Skin?

Just like every treatment is done according to the severity and diagnosed the problem in ones’ body Micro-needling is also done after diagnosing your skin type, skin problem, and severity of the problem. You can take sessions of micro-needling every 4-6 weeks.

The amount of sessions also depends upon the problem you want to treat. If you are treating loose, saggy skin, it may take fewer sessions as compared to the treatment of scars and stretch marks.

Benefits of Micro-needling:

As mentioned micro-needling is the safest treatment to cure skin problems like acne scars, pigmentation. It is also called healing injury. There are many benefits of micro-needling if it is done with proper diagnose and with the correct method.

  • Scar treatment.
  • Anti-aging
  • Shrink pores
  • Reduces lines of wrinkles
  • Acne improvement

Scar Treatment

The process of micro-needling enhances the growth of collagen and elastin in the skin, which has proven beneficial to scar treatment and lightening. However, after 2-3 sessions of micro-needling, there would be a visible difference in scars.


Anti-aging is the natural process of the human body. As we grow older, our skin starts losing its elasticity which results in sagging, dull, and mature skin.

The effect of micro-needling helps to tighten, smoothening the skin by the movement of the derma roller, which punctures the skin with its tiny needles and helps to improve the production of proteins.

 Shrink Pores:

Although micro-needling is the process of piercing tiny pores into the skin, despite the fact this technique helps in shrinking the large pore. When you derma rolled your skin, the produced collagen around each pore makes it plumped. By the plumping pore itself disappears or shrinks. 

Reduces lines of wrinkles:

Most of the time, wrinkles and fine lines are the results of stress, growing old of any other treatment. Micro-needling helps in reducing wrinkles. The Micro-injuries mechanism helps to produce new live skin cells which results in improving and reducing fine lines.  

Acne improvement:

Micro-needling sessions under a well-known skincare clinic help to purify and clear your skin from acne.

Micro-needling aftercare:

Microneedling aftercare is as much important as the treatment itself. To get more out of your skin treatment, it is most important to give attention and implementation on aftercare.

Right after the treatment, you can feel your skin a little warm, tight, and redness these effects will disappear in an hour or two. But, for some patients, it takes more time may be a day or two.

 Immediately after the treatment, a person should not jump over its regular skincare routine because this treatment causes minuscule wounds, and your everyday skincare items can be harsh for fresh wounds. Rather than your skincare routine, follow the instructions and guidelines.

Some of the typical instruction and aftercare are given below.

No exfoliation:

After the treatment skin is going through the healing and regenerating process, it will not be an excellent decision to use products like exfoliators, alcohol-based toners, etc. that will irritate the healing process. Try using the products which help in soothing skin.

Avoid Sunlight:

Right after the treatment, try to avoid directing your skin with sunlight. If it is necessary to go out in the sun you can use broad-spectrum sunscreen or a sun hat to prevent direct contact from UV rays. 

There will be more tips provided by your skincare adviser, but these are most common for every type of micro-needling.

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