Exercise Training For Beginner


Need weight training? If yes, then don’t fret about expensive gym or club memberships. So, as to achieve your health goals because some of the very basic workouts can be accomplished at home.

There are  plenty of things available to you that you can use as exercise tools. A chair, rubber mats, towels, and a two-piece set of dumbbells.

Because of this, modern weight training workouts are now simplified. For starters, you can experiment with these suggested workouts. Since these can be easily done at home — Triceps Dips, Bicycles, and Chest Fly.

Always remember to prepare yourself before each workout. Don’t forget to prep-up or warm-up before each workout so that you can minimize the risks of getting injured. 

You can start by jogging for five minutes to increase your blood activity and heart rate. Stretch your muscles in groups from top to bottom. Neck and shoulders, arms, chest, upper and lower areas of your back, and abdominal muscles with your lower extremities. Do the stretch for 10 to 20 counts each. After the warm up, you can begin with the basic weight training plan.

Weight Training Exercises

As for the Triceps Dips, a chair is very handy when doing Stretchint. With palms adjacent to your hips, try to sit on a chair. Your hips should slightly be positioned in the front area of the chair. hile holding on to the front tip of the chair.

While you bent your knees a little, extend your legs to your front. Remove your hips off the chair by straightening your arms. Then while keeping the elbows near to your torso and directed to the back. Lower your hips by bending your elbows.

After that, elevate the hips again by straightening the arms. Don’t push up the hips with your thighs or legs and do not move them away from the chair. This workout is a good substitute for Triceps Curl especially when dumbbells are not available.

Meanwhile, among the most basic weight training workouts is the Chest Flyes. You can engage in this workout by lying on a supine position on a long chair or on a platform with your feet touching the floor.

Each of your hands should hold a dumbbell with your palms slowly facing. The other, while extending your arms upward with a slim curve in the elbows.

Slowly lower both arms to your sides while keeping the curve in the elbows until your chest. And your upper extremities are of the same level and your arms are about to reach both sides of your shoulders. Pause for at least three seconds then go back to the first position with elbows still bent.

For the abs and coresbicycle workouts are essential. Start by lying on a supine position on a mat and bend your knees toward the chest.

For support, place your hands at the back part of your head. Swing your left shoulder towards the inside of your right knee. lifting your head off the floor as you extend the left leg towards the floor.

Remember to always keep the lower portion of your back slightly pressed against the floor.

Go back to the initial position and do the same for the right torso. By rotating your right shoulder towards the inside of your left knee. Use abs in the whole process, putting pressure and weight at the core of your body.


After all the workouts are done, don’t forget to allow time for cooling down and stretching exercises. These simple yet specific bodyweight training workouts should be done. At least twice to thrice within seven days aside from the usual day-to-day exercises complemented by a proper diet.

Each workout, performing 12 to 15 repetitions per set, should be done in two consecutive sets. Do all kinds of reps at a moderate. Speed using a couple of counts to elevate and two counts to lower down. You can also do these reps slowly to improve your endurance. Also, you can make the weight of your dumbbells heavier by 10 percent.

To get the most out of these exercises, remember to always keep the appropriate posture and observe proper breathing — inhale properly when doing parts that require the least effort and exhale when doing the parts that require the most effort.
In essence, weight training workouts should be taken with discipline and consistency.

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