Best Lip Care Tips

Best Lip Care Tips : A Quick Self-Massage That’ll Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Best Lip Care Tips Four quick ways to make your lips look bigger whether your lips have lost volume with age or never have looked quite as full as you want them to hold. Off before you start thinking about getting fillers there are plenty of non-evasive and safe ways to plump up your lips instantly keep watching to find out all about them.

With DIY products dry skin loses its elasticity and fullness a lot more than hydrated skin does that’s why it’s crucial to keep your lips moisturized the following DIY treatments.not only hydrate your lips but also add a little kick that will plump them up in a snap. 

Cinnamon Essential oil lip Mask

Take one to two drops of cinnamon essential oil and one teaspoon of coconut oil cocoa butter or shea butter if your skin is sensitive one drop of cinnamon will be enough put the mix on, your lips and wipe it off after three to five minutes cinnamon is pretty intense so once or twice a week will be enough for this treatment keep the leftovers.

Your DIY lip mask refrigerated in a small jar if you’re allergic to cinnamon or simply don’t like it replace it with peppermint essential oil like cinnamon it also.stimulates blood flow plus it’ll make your lips look naturally pink.

Coconut and almond lip Balm

You’ll need half a tablespoon of melted cocoa butter 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 20 drops of almond oil melt the cocoa butter in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds if you can’t find it replace it with shea butter mix.

The ingredients in a small dish then add 2 drops of cayenne pepper essential oil and pour it all into a little jar once the mixture is set use it as. Your regular lip balm. 

Honey and oil lip Scrub

Mix two teaspoons of sugar one teaspoon of honey one teaspoon of almond oil and a dash of ground cinnamon in,a small dish honey and oil work as natural moisturizers sugar is a great scrub and cinnamon is good at plumping stir the mixture well and apply it to you.

Lips scrub for a minute leave it for three minutes and then wash it off now you can put on your favorite lip balm or leave.

Make your lips really Smooth

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics it’s also about physics smooth lips reflect light better so they look WAY fuller and thicker.

You can get baby smoothness with the help of that DIY lip scrub or use a toothbrush where an even more abrasive exfoliation all you have to do is dunk it in.

Water and then buff your lips in circles it’ll also boost blood circulation and give you a rosy shade as a bonus at least according to make up artist hilary.

klein don’t forget that you have to moisturize your lips before you scrub them and don’t over exfoliate it’ll irritate your lips the honey scrub and toothbrush methods.

Are Awesome for Instant Smoothness

But there are things you can do to keep your lips from getting chapped and bumpy in the first place to start with never lick your lips. chapped instead keep your body properly hydrated this will even stop the constant urge to lick your lips secondly don’t forget about SPF just like the skin all over your body your lips .

Need protection from the Sun too otherwise they’ll get burnt which means dry chapped lips that look much thinner when you buy any lip products including makeupmake sure.

Sun Protection Factor

Course the same goes for your face and body as well and finally watch out for allergy causing products if you’ve been taking care of your lips with balms masks and proper hydration.

But they’re still constantly chapped then it might be an allergic reaction you’re going through avoid citrusy and salty foods.

They can irritate the lips toothpastes that contain alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate and heavily scented facial products could also be what’s causing your lip discomfort three try.

Makeup tips of course

You should take proper care of your lips so that they’re healthy and hydrated but makeup will also give your lips an instant volumize defect overdraw.

Your lips don’t underestimate the power of a lip liner celebrity makeup artists use it extensively and Kylie Jenner is obviously a fan too so pick a lip liner.

Match the lipstick you’re going to wear today and don’t be afraid to go a little outside your lip lines you can then put on lipstick or even cover the whole surface of your lips with the liner if you need to basically draw most of your lip on be sure.

That you’ve got a good base first foundation or concealer will do the trick lip liner is also a must-have if you need to even out your lips natural shape choose your lipstick carefully as far as the shade.

Goes colors that are too dark for your skin tone make the surface of your lips look flatter and thinner so experiment with nude shades that aren’t too light.

Looks good on everyone as for the finish matte lipsticks tend to exaggerate the fine lines and cracks on your lips you’ll get a juicier look with a satin finish

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